Can I travel on B1/B2 to US and convert to H1B with valid Petition


I have B1/B2 Visa valid till 2018 was processed by my previous company. Right now I’m in another company in India and applied for H1B in 2013 with third party(Consultant) and I have petition in hand which is is valid for 3 years

Is it possible to travel on B1/B2 Visa to US and then convert to H1B. If this is the case What are all the documents I have to carry and Is there any risk?. If it is possible, I have to resign my current company and if face any risk at port of entry or any where else, I have to travel back to India with out job in hand. More over, If successfully converted to H1B, Is there any chance of getting rejected of dependent visa for my wife and kids?

Instead, If I go for stamping directly in India, What are the chances of getting rejected? going along with family(even for H4) is better than going alone?

Please suggest me Which option is better?

B1 to H1 is risky as it is violation of B1 in most of cases… B1 is not intended to work…

Better go for stamping with all the documentation…