Can i Travel in USA when my H1 B Visa is expired and petion is filed


I have my H1 B visa that is expired and the Extension has been filed before the expiration of the visa and also i am in USA .

Can i travel around in USA .

i have the USCIS Reciept number that the Visa has been filed and review is in progress.

If you leave US, then your I-94 extension of stay will be abandoned. The I-129 will continue to be processed and you may get the extended 797 but w/o I-94 attached.

As your visa stamp has expired, you will also have to appear for H-1 visa stamping, which in turn needs approved 797. So you will have to plan carefully such that you can appear for stamping w/ approved petition and can then return to US. Maybe upgrde the petition to PP.