Can I travel in H4 when H1 COS is already approved eff Feb 2013

Hello Surabh/Friends …

Can anyone please clarify if I can travel and return in new H4 when H1 cos is approved recently with past date as effective date.My case details:

Case : H4 to H1 2013 CAP approved, not working yet 

1. Petition Approved: Sep 30, 2013 with new I94
2. Petition Effective from Date: Feb, 2013
3. H4 Expiry: Oct 2013
4. Travel outside US Dates: Oct 2013 to Dec 2013
5. Stamping: Get new H4 stamping in India
6. Plan: Return in H4 and apply COS to start working

Can any one please Help clarify

# 2 - Am I Out of status as petition approved on Sep 2013 with eff Feb 2013 but I haven't started working yet
# 5 - Is it ok to get H4 stamping in India when I already have H1+COS approval but dont want H1 stamped now
# 5 - Is my new H4 stamping yet to get will void petition or anything like that
# 6 - Hope I can return in new H4 and apply for COS to work

Can anyone clarify please…its urgent…am travelling in couple of days…