Can I travel for both business as well as visiting family in single visit on B1/B2 Visa?


I’ve got B1/B2 Visa for required business travel. During that business travel - can I extend my trip for one more week to visit my brother and his family staying in different state in USA ?

I will have my return ticket after a week - is that fine ? What all document should I carry to present at port of entry ?

Thanks in advance !!

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I didnot receive any input from anyone , maybe because it was not great question or maybe it’s obvious. But anyhow, I am writing my experience which can help someone like me:). I recently traveled on business trip to USA on B1/B2 visa and also
Visited my brother and family staying in different state. So it’s ok to travel for both purpose as long as person has return ticket and intention to return back to home country. Regarding documents, at port of entry (Boston) I was not asked to present any document other than my passport and residence card of foreign country where I live now. Having said that, I would recommend to carry all relevant documents which were taken during visa interview. I did the same - had all those document and was ready to present if in case was asked by the officer.
So good luck to all out there looking for such queries and planning to travel to USA.
Happy to answer any further questions!!