Can I traval to India while h1 extension is pending with USCIS?

I have to traval to India for 2 month i have valid stamped visa which is expiring in next 3 months(current i94 and visa expiring on 11 Jan 2017). My h1 extension is in progress( my employer filed it recently, i am yet to recive return recipt).

Request you to kindly help me with below queries:
Can I traval to India and come back before 10 Jan 2017)?
Will my traval impact my h1 extension processing?
Which i 94 will be considered for processing visa? Will i need to resubmit h1 extension with new i94?


  1. Yes

  2. Your extension would continue to process but will be approved w/ consular processing and not w/ an I-94 attached. So an amendment needs to be filed soon after. Talk to your attorney about this before leaving. As long as your extension is approved before you return to US, you should be fine.