Can i transfer to new employer before H1b Starts

Hi ,

Mine was a service based MNC indian company. i joined as a OPT (On-site hired employee to this company.) i still have OPT till 2014 aug.But my employer sponsered my H1b on 2013.luckly i got H1b as well.

Now i would like to change my employer because of some project and personal issues.

will new employer can transfer my H1b on anytime or do i need to wait till 1st oct 2013?

so if new employer can transfer my h1b what will be my status till OCT 1st … i am in

OPT status?

Please advise me here.

They can file cap-exempt petition for you once the current petition has been approved. They need to mention a start date of Oct 1. You can join them while on OPT as well, but then current employer can withdraw the H-1 petition (if under process it will mean you are out of cap).

So I will wait for it to get approved at least.