can i transfer my h1b with out paystubs?

I’m in F1-opt since 9 months.My H1B got picked April 2016 and asked for Request For Evidence and it is submitted on 9th September 2016.Now my H1B still in pending process.If my H1B got approved ? With in a week of when status started i want to transfer my H1B to another employer.But old employer is not going any paystubs and approval notice.i only have Reciept number.Is it possible to transfer my H1B to another employer?.

or Is there any way stay in my F1-opt.In this peroid of time can i apply STEM-OPT from new employer?

You will be on H-1 w/ old employer for only a week, correct? I think it should be ok to not have H-1 payslips for that period as payslips are generally generated bi-monthly or monthly.

You would still have OPT payslips to show that you maintained OPT status.