Can I transfer my H1b after approval to another company B before starting to work for company A on October 1st?.

Hello all,

I have a few questions regarding the h1b visa which I need help with:

  1. My company A files for h1b and it gets approved by july. Can I transfer this h1b to another company B before I can start working with company A on this h1b visa legally and without any consequences?.

  2. Can i transfer my h1b visa to another company B after it becomes valid on october 1st immediately without working for company A who filed the h1b?. Should I be showing paystubs to move from company A to company B.

Any answers to these questions woul dbe of great help.

Lets get to the fundamental: There is no process called TRANSFER in H visa. Always a new petition for each company(employer). All it differs is either in the current quota or new quota.

In your case… each company (A, B, C, … ) would apply for a H1B for you as the employee. They would get approval. Its up to you and that employer to work on any of these respective visas or not.

So, you can have any employer to file your visa and you had the freedom to work for anyone,

In other words, an employee can have any number of employers sponsor H1B visa. At the same time an employee can work one or more number of employers on H1(note that you should work for at least one H1 employer to be in status).

Thank you so much for your answer. My question was not correct and let me reframe the question again. I actually wanted to know if I can transfer my h1b to another company B after it has been picked in the lottery and approved before H1b starts on October 1st with the old company A who filed my h1b in the first place.

I dont think so. Your H1B is not valid till Oct 1st. Thus, I dont see anything called transfer here before you are on that status at least to start with.