Can I transfer my H1 B visa, which I never used earlier


I was in India in 2010, company A process my H1, I got the approved H1, but later I changed company A to company B in India, the Company B process my L1 B, and I came to US.

So now can I transfer from L1 to H1, by using my old H1 cap from company A, as that H1 petition is valid till Oct 2010 - sep 2013. I never travelled on H1 provided by company A.

If yes, did I have to travel to India and stamped, or it is possible in US itself, without going back to India.

Please reply ASAP.

As you have a approved petetion you doesnt come under normal CAP hence you can always go for a change of status ( L1 to H1). You need to find an employer who is willing to transfer your L1 to an H1. This is called COS(Change of Status). Your status changes from L1 to H1 from the start date mentioned in the new employer’s petition. The only thing to consider is that you will need to get the visa stamped the next time you leave the country and try to come back again.