Can I transfer my approved H1 application to another employer

Hi, everyone .I want to share my situation with u guys to find few suggestions.I applied H1 last year n it went through RFE n got approved last year itself.My employer (consultancy) through which I applied is unable to provide me a client letter and even not replying properly these days.He clearly says that the client he filed while applying my H1 application has withdrawn his supoort and now he is unable to provide me a client and if I am interested I can approach some other employer and transfer my approved H1 application .I did not even worked on his payroll till now ,I am in India still ,so is there any process for h1 transfer and do that still practised for today ,I mean do any employer is willing to accept my kind of application ,plz let me know ,it has been already a year passed since my application got approved,kindly suggest me.

Yes, find another employer and ask them to file cap-exempt petition for you. You would need copy of previous approval notice for this.