Can I transfer H1B when its sent to USCIS for review

I attended H1b visa interview in New Delhi but the consulate after the interview sent the petition back to USCIS for review.

I want to know if I can transfer my petition to new employer when its under USCIS for review. Will the new petition be cap-exempt ?

What are my options if USCIS revokes the petition and also my options before USCIS takes any call ? Please help me regarding this quickly.

Hoping to hear soon.

Yes, another employer can apply for cap-exempt petition which this is happening. If USCIS revokes the petition based upon consulate’s feedback, then you cannot use that petition in future - even for cap-exempt purposes. So act fast.

Thanks for your reply and suggestion.

I am in same situation, my case is with the USCIS for review after stamping refusal.
So as you said I have limited time,please help me with below.

What is the tentative time for USCIS to revoke the petition?
Can you please help me in finding new employer?