Can i take my parents on visitors visa when i travel on h1b with my kid

I would be travelling on h1b visa in few months. I am planning to take my 6 montth old kid with me along with my mother to take care of my kid. Since my husband cannot quit and come with me, we are thinking to take my mother. But i came across many sites stating visitors visa can be processed only with usa based salary slip. Please let me know if there is any option to take my mother with me.

Your mother needs to apply for her visitor visa, and she may be asked about the purpose of trip and finances.

If she replies that this in anticipation of her daughter moving to US on H-1, then it may get denied as you haven’t moved to US yet and may decide not to.

That is why it is better and recommended that you go to US first, stay there for a month or so and then your mother applies for visitor visa. If you want to sponsor her trip and expenses, then you can show your US payslips and offer letter from employer.

In addition, visitors can stay in US for only up to 6 months in rolling 12 month period. Not sure what your long term plan is but just be aware that she cannot be with you and baby long term in US.