Can I take CPT after joining for my second Master's immediately

If I dont get my H1B this year because of the lottery and My OPT stem extension is also getting over by Jan 2014. Is there a possibility I can join an university for my second master’s and apply for my CPT and take credits also and continue to work in the same company with CPT. Because my company is willing to do that but is it possible? so in April I can apply again for my H1B for 2015 and by doing this I wont need to leave my job but also stay status. I am guessing since I have been in US for more than 9 months I thought it is possible. But can any one suggest me ? what to do ?

9 months is for the course/ degree, not your stay in USA. It might lead you into legal troubles when you file your future H1B. If a school hands out CPT on the first day, it might be a fake school like the ones that got caught, TVU etc.

Thanks for your reply. But I did few research and I did speak to few attoney’s they said it possible if the DSO of the uniservity aggress for it. It is possible:
below are the few link. Even in ICE it is clearly stated if the DSO agrees student can take cpt from the first day and the course work requires it.

I mean I think for my case it might not work out. I might be wrong but I will surely take care as you say I dont myself to be in trouble if it becmes a trouble for me when I apply for H1B again :slight_smile: