Can I submit new petition this year if I have an approved petition(Valid but last year's) with another employer?

I am working for Company A (in India). Company B has offered me to file for H1b in 2020 lottery. Got picked in lottery and petition was approved successfully by USCIS. but i couldn’t get the visa interview slot due to covid reasons. Now company A(my current company) has submitted new h1b application for 2021 lottery and it got picked.

  1. Will there be any problem(Rejection/RFE) when Company A submits new H1B petition?
  2. Do I need to inform them about the earlier approved petition from Company B?
  3. When I attend visa interview with one petition, is it required to cancel/withdraw the other petition or can I just leave it as it is?

RFE could be due to other reasons but not because another employer had filed your H1B in past.

No, you don’t need to.

Only your employer can withdraw your H1B and they are bound by law to do that once you leave the employer. There is no action to be taken at your end.

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