Can I study PHD while I work Full time for a company on H1B

Hi all,

I am a masters Student now and about to graduate. I am planning for a PHD some time in future while I work. Now graduating is essential due to some personal reasons and I need to work for some time say( 5 years). I plan for a PHD enrollment in Engineering after that. Can I enroll as Part time or FUll time while I am on H1B Status. What might be any funding or instate tuitions applicable for me.

I dont knowthe visa implications etc for this. Kindly let me now.

You can study part-time while working on H-1. You cannot study full-time as you will be a full-time worker on H-1.

In other words, as long as you maintain H-1 status by getting paid as per the LCA, you can study on the side.

Tuition fee rules vary from state to state. You will have to check w/ your school. Some schools allow for in-state tuition based on your tenure in that state, others ask for out-of-state fees.

Suppose full time study means taking 9 credit hours per sem. I can take someting lesser than that and study right? like 2 courses which counts to 6 credit hours etc? while I am on my H1?