Can I study on F1 Status with pending COS to F1 status with USCIS?

Hi All,

My wife is currently doing masters on H4 (2nd semester now). She started in Spring 2020 (January) and intend to complete the masters by May 2021 i.e. one more semester left after the current one.

We have already applied for change of status to F1 to uscis in October 2020 and received receipt notice and awaiting bio metric appointment. So far all the semesters have been completed full time with 9+ credits and same is the case with next semester too.

Is it mandatory to have the USCIS change of status (h4 to F1) to be approved before the start of next semester (University DSO is insisting that it has to be approved else the Sevis would be terminated )

Can she can continue to enroll in full time in H4 and we receive the approval in mid of the semester then we just update the school DSO?

Please help.

Yes, you need to have the F1 status approved to study on F1.
well, you may not be able to do that in the middle of the semester as there are course requirements tied up with it like enrolled full time on F1 status. You would need to have the F1 status approved at the beginning of the semester.
Follow your DSO guidance, they are the primary ones who can guide you on the rules.

Yes, She has been enrolled in full time right from first semester. She applied for COS at the start of 2nd semester by providing the i20 of 3rd semester (which is the last one).

Is there any reason or rule in USCIS that F1 has to be approved before start of the semester ? if yes can you please point me to the right uscis forum.

The guidance is given for B2 COS to F1, but the rule is same for all COS. Check the link below and screenshot.