Can I still entering US With my Visitor (B1/B2) Visa once H1B is stamped

The H-1B only allows to enter the US up to ten days prior to the validity date. But I may need more time to find place to live and get there by driving. Now I’m holding a valid visitor visa, is it possible to enter US one month before Oct 1st with visitor visa while H1B is stamped?

If you enter on B-1/2 then you would remain on that visa status even after Oct 1, and will not be able to work.

You have to enter on H-1 in order to work and like you mentioned you can enter at most 10 days in advance.

Thanks, I know my status based on the visa I used to enter USA. Is it possible I enter on B Visa after my H1B is stamped, then I re-enter on H-1?

Yes, you can enter on B-1/2, then leave US and return on H-1B visa.

There is a chance that when approving your H-1B visa stamp, consulate cancels your B-1/2 w/o prejudice.