Can I still apply for the SSN if my ITIN is pending?


i have been to us on H4, recently we have applied for ITIN w.r.t tax filing. I havent received ITIN yer, hope its under process.

I have my old H1b petition pending under 221g and i have got job to file h1 on the old petition number (under CAP exemption ).

Once my petiton is approved and my ITIN may be still under process or i might get ITIN. can i apply for SSN under this two conditions ( ITIN is pending or ITIN received ) ?

Please help in this regard’s



At the time of your SSN application, you will have an option to mention previous SSNs etc on the form. Just mention your ITIN in that place. Need not be worried. You can even ask about your existing ITIN declaration at the SSN application counter in the Social Security Office.