Can i stay in H1B approved petition once my L1B visa is maxout

Hi All

Here is my question and details:-

My Employer is same for L1B & H1B

1.Currently Iam in USA with L1B-Blanket Visa type. ( my L1 B maxout date is june 2014)
2. At same time i have a H1B approved petition ( which is valid until may 2015)

My H1 B petition is under change of status , which should effective from 1-oct-2013.
but i went to canada for my L1 B Blanket visa stamping and come back in USA with L1 B Status. ( on 28-Sep-2013)
Now my question is that L1 B Visa is getting max out in june 2014 ,
if i want to stay after my maxout date of L1 B can i stay in H1B ,
as i have approved petition with me and that is valid until may 2015