Can I start a Youtube channel without monetization while being on H1-B

I am a programmer and I would like to start my own YouTube channel to show how you can code and create mobile apps, now I do understand that I cannot monetize my channel due to my visa restrictions.

My question is will I be breaking any H1-B visa rule if I just start the channel and never monetize, I am just doing it for fun as a hobby. I am not planning to gain any revenue or promote any kind of services.

My only source of income is going to be my sponsor company, and if I am not generating any sort of income from any second source I think I should be fine but I want to be certain about this.

So please help me out and let me know if its okay to have a channel on H1-B without monetization or is there a chance of getting in trouble?

No, you will not break anything as along as it passion and there is no revenue involved.
You will be fine. It is your passion project. No, you will not get into trouble as long as is hobby and there are no ads.

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