Can I start a company and hire myself under H1B visa?

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Is it possible to start a company in the US as a foreign citizen and then hire myself as an employee? In other words, can I use “my company” to sponsor my own working visa?

I would appreciate some insights on this.

While being self employed on H1B it is not realistic to prove that you control the right to hire, fire, pay, supervise, or otherwise control your own self for the work you do on H1B. As far as your company has a authority, for e.g. board of directors, that can do the above for the work you perform, it may be able to prove the employer- emplyee relationship which is one of the requirement for H1B sponsoring employer and the beneficiary.

Thanks @Kalpesh_Dalwadi , I appreciate it

So if I were to reach an agreement with a person (an old friend) and have him be in the board of directors and run the company, he would be able to hire me?

Would that work?

You need to consult an immigration lawyer and they should be able to guide you in a proper legal way and advice further on this.

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Thank you for your help.