Can I request change of consulate for H1B stamping?If yes, how?

I initially requested Toronto for H1B stamping but have since come to the UK for work.

Can I request that I be allowed to get the stamping done at London onstead?

If yes, how?


U can go for stamping anywhere as far as I know, U just need to fill the respective DS 160 of that embassy

When asked in interview, U can answer accordingly that U went to UK on ur project work or so

For any such queries, U can also go to the US embassy of UK and ask accordingly, respective website may also help

Thanks Ranjith

I could not find anything on the website for the US consulate in the UK.

Have you seen this information on any website?


Call this helpline number and explain ur scenario and schedule appointment accordingly if they permit

Thanks again Ranjith!

You are welcome :slight_smile: