Can I receive approved H1B application before Oct. 2014?

So I am looking to file an H1-B application. I have a company that will sponsor, but I would need to start working for them 6 months from now in March 2014.

As I have understood, the cap for the number of H1-B applications was reached already this April. So my question is: is it possible for me to file an H1 application right now, and be able to start working 6 months from now (March 2014)? Or does the fact that the cap has been reached make it impossible for me to get a approved H1 until at the earliest October of next year?

Basically: can I get an approved H1 and start working before October 2014, or is that impossible as of now?

Thank you!



no…you will need to file on apr 2014…and can work only after Oct 14 if approved.


So let’s see if I have understood it correctly: even if my H1B application might be approved already in let’s say June, I cannot start working until October?

Yes, If you never had H1 before you cannot start before OCT 2014