Can I re-transfer or quit job while H1-B transfer is in progress??


Right now I am on H1-B visa. I was working for company A and I started working for company B around 4 weeks back. Currently my H1-B transfer to company B is in progress with normal processing. I have following questions, I am trying to explore different options before I quit company B.

1) Can I stop working with company B at this point?

[b]If yes then [/b]

1.a) What happens to my pending transfer application with USCIS?

1.b) What if I want to quit job and stop working?

1.c) Till what time I need to apply for visa status change to L2 ?

1.d) Till what time I can stay job less on H-1 before starting new job?

1.e) If I change my status to L2 and then leave USA, can I reinitiate my H1-B upon reentry as I have only used my H1-B for 2 years?

1.f) What if I get new job and start my transfer with company C while tranfer with company B is going on? Is this possible? does this cause any rejection? is 2 months paystub is mandatory for transfer?

1.g) If I change my status to L2, do I need to apply for EAD card again or my last L2-EAD card is still valid as I have not left USA?

[b]If No than[/b], How soon I can leave company B?

Appreciate your response.

Thanks & Regards,


You cannot stop working on H-1 unless you move to another visa status like L-2 or change employers on H-1.

File the COS to L-2 and once it gets approved, stop working for B on H-1. If you get the EAD, you can decide to work for an employer on that EAD.