Can I re enter the US 10 days before my H1 extension start?

Hi all,

I’m now under H1B, the I-797 expires on 6/24/2024, and the extension with the same company was approved this week and it starts on 6/14/2024.

I changed employer so my previous visa stamping expired in September 2023, and I did not apply for a new visa after that.

I understand that I can only apply for a visa 90 days before the start date, and enter the US 10 days before the start date,

so my question is: Since I have an extension with the same company, is it possible for consulate issue the visa valid from March?

Only true for the first time H1B , not for someone applying for viaa renewal.

Yes, while applying use your current valid I-797 but also include copy of the new extention of status I-797.