Can I OPT again at Masters Level with new SEVIS ID?


I finished my masters in 2018 and applied for opt. later, I switched to phd and because of that my opt got denied.

So, right now I am planning on withdrawing from my phd and go back home and come back for fall-2020 to do a other masters degree. ( I will be getting new SEVIS ID as I will stay outside usa for more than five months).

If I do a other masters degree with new SEVIS ID can I opt after that masters or since I already applied after first masters, will I be denied again?

Let me know.

Usually you get OPT once per level. As long as you have not used it, you can use it.
Did they mention the reason for OPT denial ?
If you have not used it, you would be eligible. It is up to DSO to recommend it and USCIS to approve it.

Hi. Thanks for reply.

The reason for denial is due to change in education level and transferring my university.

I have contacted DSO from different universities and they all give me different answers.
Some tell me I might be eligible since I did no use it though my application was denied. When I re-apply I need to mail them the denial letter and explain why I can be eligible this time.

Few others said that since I did not withdraw my OPT first time before it was denied, I will not be able to get it again at masters level.

@ManojEmani, my two cents is that as you have not used your OPT in your Masters Level yet and you are again doing a masters, you should be eligible. See below from the OPT Policy Guidance by ICE.
So, when you apply for OPT after your Masters now, you should attach the reject letter and indicate that you never used OPT, so that they will give you OPT. You also may need to provide proof that you did not pursue your PhD. All of the above logic, you need to discuss with your new school’s DSO and he/ she needs to be convinced of this because they are the ones to recommend OPT to you…