Can I open a case enquiry on my EAD or only attorney has to do

Hi All,
Please help me to understand the process if I can open a case enquiry with USCIS on EAD & I485 delay in processing since reciept date for case enquiry crossed my reciept date or only my attorney has the authority to open case enquiry.
Unfortunately My attorney is not reachable over phone and not responding to emails , so want to do it myself if it is fine.

You expert advices are highly appreciated

Yes, you, as a petitioner and beneficiary, can directly deal with USCIS for your i485(and its supplemental petitions like Advanced Parole, EAD etc).

Just side information:

  1. H1B, PERM, i140 : These petitions are being OWNED by the EMPLOYER thus, employee(you) cant directly get access to them(or their status etc).
    2)H4, i485(and related EAD/AP etc) : These petitions are being owned by YOU. So, you can directly get access to these petitions.
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