Can I lawfully continue living in the States after my F-1 VISA expiration date without extending/renewing my VISA?

I am currently on F-1 VISA which is to expire by the end of this year. Is it mandatory to leave the country to renew VISA, if I have to enroll in another graduate level program? I was told that If I kept my SEVIS status active by enrolling in the new graduate level program, I wouldn’t have to get my VISA renewed. Please correct me if I am wrong. By doing so, will I be accruing any unlawful days on my VISA?

Can I apply for change of status from F-1 to H-4 VISA after my F-1 VISA expires? Can I concurrently apply for H-4 EAD while applying for F-1 to H-4 COS?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Hi, as far as I know, you can stay in US with expired F1 visa as long as your SEVIS is okay (you are a full time student) because your status still will be F1. You have to renew visa only if you leave the country and want to come back.

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agree with @Volga, you do not need visa to be valid. Read US Visa vs Status. . All you need to do is maintain your F1 status, you do not have to have visa stamping valid. If you want to change to other status, you can do that as well.

Thank You very much for your quick and valuable response.

Thank You Kumar. I will certainly take a look at the link shared.

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