Can I (L-2) go to USA and be eligible to work at the US. EAD expires soon, but L-1 visa status withdrawn unknown?

Hi everyone. I was under L-2 and have an EAD by April 2019. My wife was L1 in the USA. My Wife and I got back to our original country. She is working at the same Company brand in another office and in another country. But we want to go back now. Can I enter the USA with current visa and work at any US company with current situation? Thank you for you help in advance. Here are the some facts.

My EAD Expires by April 2019

L-2 Visa Expires by 2022

Form I-129S valid until by March 2020 ( created as of March 2017, We came back to our Country November 2017)

L-1 Visa Expires by 2022

I-94 Valid by April 2019 for me and my wife ( it seems it connected the date of expiration of EAD status)

L-1 Withdrawn status unknown