Can I join my previous employer after H1B transfer


I got my H1B visa stamped thru Company A in September 2015. But Company A is delaying my travel to the US as currently they are not having project.
I am searching for Company B who can file my H1B transfer. I am having below questions in this regard. It would be really helpful if some can give their expert opinion in this. Thanks in advance!

  1. Is it possible to file for H1B Transfer from India without travelling to the US?
  2. Do I need to reveal the name of Company A to Company B for initiating the H1B transfer?
    Will providing only the receipt number to Company B be suffice? Will Company B be able to know about Company A from receipt number?
  3. After getting approval for H1b transfer to Company B, if Company A plans to send me to the US then will I be able to continue with Company A?
    Or getting approval for Company B’s petition will make Company A’s stamping null and void?
  4. If I tell Company B that I don’t want to continue with them after getting the approval for the transfer then will they be able to do any thing that will affect my H1b status with Company A?

Thanks a lot,
Praveen K.

  1. Yes

  2. Usually companies prefer to have copy of previously approved 797 (which will have A’s name), but they can work with as little as receipt number also.

  3. Yes. H-1 is never “transferred”. What happens is that you end up with 2 approved petitions (from A and B) and can decide to pick either or neither.

  4. It won’t impact A’s approved petition.