Can I hire a lawyer to sponsor my H1B?


I am currently interviewing with a company that has no history of sponsoring an H1B. It is a startup that I really want to work for, however I am worried about the visa sponsorship. I am on an OPT that is valid till 2017.

Can I get a lawyer to file for my H1B? I can ask the company to provide the paperwork, but I file it by myself?


Most of the companies hire law firms to process their immigration requirements, only big companies have their own immigration legal teams.

All you have to do is get the lawyer contact and send them to your HR. You can’t “file” it yourself. Your company should sponsor you.

What if the company refuses to hire/pay the lawyer? Can I pay for it myself, and ask the company to provide the paperwork? I dont think the company has an HR!

Legally, only premium processing fee can come out of your pocket. Nothing else.