Can I have my H1B filed by multiple Employers?

There are 2 employers who are ready to sponsor H1b visa for me.

1. Can both file H1B visa for me ?
2. If 1st employer file H1b then can 2nd employer file another h1b w/o knowing that one h1b visa is already filed for me ?
3. If both employers file visa for me, then is there any chance that both the h1b visas are approved ? or only one will get approved ? If one visa is approved, then the employer with unapproved visa will receive any notification from the USCIS stating "one visa is already approved for this particular person" ?

I have good relations with both the employers and so not want to spoil the relations. But want to file h1b from both of them because there is lottery quota.
  1. Yes

  2. Yes

  3. Both the visa’s would be independant of each other. Both can be approved. The employer with unapproved visa will not get this notification.