Can I have more than one i 20 in a deferral scenario?

I had my admits from 3 univs deferred from last year to this year. I did not get their i 20s. This year, I got the i 20s of two of those univs alone. I have decided on the univ to attend but wanted to get the i 20 of one more univ as a contingency.

Would the VO know that the admits were deferred ones and that I have two i 20s?

If you have deferred, I believe you need to have an I-20 with the new start date details. You cannot go for the interview with the old documents. Contact the international office of the school you got admitted before you go for the interview.

The VO may not know, how many universities you have applied and how many you got accepted. But, he may ask you about it in the interview and you will have to tell him.