can i have both H1B and L1A stamped on my passport, without voiding each other ?


I have an approved petition of H1B which I want to get it stamped and at the same time, my current employer may want to apply for my L1A.

Is it possible that I can keep both on my passport, if I get H1B stamped first and then have to go for L1A ?

Appreciate your help on this.

You can maintain both stamps but only the most recent and valid category can be used to enter US. Keep in mind that you don’t hold dual status, only one employment based category is active at any given time and the same rule applies for travel.

Thanks sshankar.

I understand that at a time only one visa can be used for entry in US. But can I go out of states and reenter on other visa 2nd time.

  • So I initially travel to US on L1A
  • and later if I want to switch job for any better opportunity, I travel out of US and reenter using H1B this time, letting go my L1A.

Will this work ?

The visa you enter on is usually not decided by you but by the immigration entry port officer based on documents they review.