Can i got to Canada for first time H1B stamping without a US qualification?

My Case :

Arrived USA on L1B – March 2010
Change of Status – L1B to H1b Oct -2011 ( Direct Employer )
No US Degree , 2.5 yr US Experience.

I booked my appointment for visa interview in Toronto. ( Sept 2012 )

Will it be a real big issue if i don’t have a US / Canadian qualification ?
I am working directly for the employer . Will this give me any advantages to overcome the education issues ?
My attorney had done a Educational Analysis at the time of my H1B application to prove that my Graduation is equivalent to an US degree. Is that going to help ?

Education won’t be a Problem for the visa interview

but may be problem if you got h1b under in degree + experience mode. 

You got H1 B, because your qualification is equivalent/more to US Bachelors Degree.

If the visa you're applying for, is a Federal Skilled Worker visa, then you may or may not have a job offer. 

If you've a job offer, then it's fine.

If not, then you've to find a job.

But finding a job in Canada is more difficult than in US. So, If you don't find any, then take volunteer jobs or attending a college for completing a sample project may be helpful to you.

Because, in Canada, most of the employers asks for Canadian Experience, though some one readily accepts US Experience.

Show them that your Bachelor Degree is equivalent to US Bachelor Degree. If you can't may be that's a problem too.

I am neither a canadian nor an immigrant but it's just my opinion.