Can I go for extended H1 visa stamping before expiry of current H1visa


 I holds valid H1 visa until Sep 2013.This is my first H1(I moved into H1 from F1).I am planing to apply for extension in this April 2013 as I am eligible for extension 6 months before expiration.I am planing for visa stamping in canda after extension may be in May or jun 2013  .My question is if got extension when it gonna start  as my current H1 valid until Sep 2013? and If I go for stamping before sep 2013 ,does I get stamped onthe new H1 or how this procees could be?

I greatly appreciate if some one could help on this.



Your employer will have to mention the new dates in the I-129 for the extension. USCIS will then approve it for those dates, which will start from Sep 2013 (in order to maintain continuity).

When you appear for stamping, you can carry both petitions and they should give you a visa stamp based on the new term. However, if the new petition is still pending, then you will get visa stamp based on current petition.

Thanka…Saurabh…I will check with my employer.