Can i get PHD admit in usa after completing M.Tech from a least reputed university in india?

I am doing M.Tech in signal processing from jntu university in state of A.P,india, which is not reputed like IIT/NIT.I was planning to apply for PHD in usa .I have 1 papar publication in international journal.i was doubting that does my university reputation and my without research experience would be accepted for phd?or again i have to do MS in usa for doing PHD?please suggest me the options that i can apply for phd in usa?

It really depends on many factors.

Your GRE score will decide which university can accept your application, since most of the universities have their internal acceptance limit. Once you have a matched your potential universities, then start looking up their individual departments, and look for the research that is interesting to you. Contact the faculty members directly and introduce yourself. Share your resume, and any particular detail on your resume that may link to their entire research focus. Let them know that how passionate you are about the field and if there is any opening for in their research group for you. Now remember you are doing step 1 and 2-3 simultaneously. Once you have response from both ends, then you can pick and choose between universities.To answer your direct question, yes it is possible to get admission into PhD programs here in the US and yes you can obtain a MS degree on the way to PhD (since you have to pass a qualifying exam (different structure for different universities)). The only advise I can give you is, only apply if you are genuinely interested in research. PhD could take a toll on you since it is not time bound here (unlike most of the countries) and you will be trapped in for eternity. MK

Thank you for your quick reply,and suggestions regarding PHD.After reading the article named ‘‘What is your Goal for MS in USA ?’‘in this blog i came to conclusion that’’ i am interested in doing job and settle in USA’’,and after reading this article i am in a confusion that whether i would get admit for masters in USA? because i am already doing M.Tech in India.please suggest me what are the options do i have to do MS in USA?

You don’t need to have a US degree to apply for a job here, there are lot of people every year find an employer who can sponsor you for a work visa (aka H1B). Your application will not be counted against the US Master degree or above cap (20,000), but you will be qualified for a general cap (65,000 - Chile and Singapore cap). This option is very useful since you’ve already invested your time getting a post graduate degree. But if you really want a US based masters degree then, yes you can apply to many universities here with different focus area (in your case electrical engineering, computer engineering/science, etc.) and get admission, but it will be counterproductive since you already have a post graduate degree. I know lot of people get anxious, when it comes to random selection process of H1B, but you can simply apply every year while working for a company in India, and gain valuable work experience. Hope this helps,

thank you for giving clarification regarding my question.