Can I get my H1B visa stamping in UAE instead of my home country?

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I got my H1B Visa approved 2 days back and I am currently working in UAE.
The H1B visa letter has home country consulate.
My wife and kid hold a different country passport and we all would like to approach the US consulate/ Embassy in UAE for H1B visa stamping.
Its urgent
Kindly suggest and help


If the US consulate in UAE allows third country nationals stamping, then you can. The visa stamping rules for Third Country Nationals vary by embassy/ consulate and you need to clarify that with them.


Its always better to get it stamped from home country.Its always critical if you are going some other country for stamping.I have heard from my friend saying rejection chances are more in other than home country.
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Hi Mr.Mohan,

Thank you for replying.

Would you mind to share your email id to discuss in person


Thank you Kumar , appreciate your reply

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