Can I get my H1b transfer to another company from H1b approval

I have got my H1B new stamped in Dec 2012. I have visa validity till October 2013. My company is not ready to send me to onsite as there is no onsite position currently available.

I have never travelled to US anytime. Can I get my H1B transferred to another employer while I am still in India. Considering my visa expiry in October 2013, what would be the time frame for the visa getting transferred to another employer. Are there any consultants who would help me in the visa transfer.

Also , if my visa expires without using it. Do I need to apply a fresh H1B again and go through the lottery system ?


Another employer can file cap-exempt petition for you within 6 years of original H-1 approval date. It does’t matter whether the current petition is still active or has exprired. This is what is loosely referred as H-1 transfer.