Can I get my H1b Extension stamped in Mexico/Canada?

I’m set to travel to India on Jan 25, but I see that there are no dropbox visa appointments in pretty much any consulate in India. Would it be possible to get a visa stamping done in Mexico/Canada in time for my trip? Is “dropbox” a thing for these or is an interview the only way to get stamped in these countries as a third country national? If anyone could speak from experience of getting a stamping in one of these countries or share links to the process, that’d be of great help!

Also, are things different/slower due to Covid protocols?

Some background info: I have an I-140 approved, my h1b status is extended to Oct 2024, my old H1b visa on my passport expired in Oct 2021.

Consulates in India are expected to open up slots for Jan-May 2022 in December this year so I would say keep checking for any available slots. You will need to check several times during the day/night to get lucky.

Below is more information on TCN stamping in Canada/Mexico. This may not be available or only limited during the ongoing pandemic.

As far as I know, there is no interview waiver aka dropbox for TCN in Mexico or Canada.

Thank you very much for the response!