Can I get H-1B visa without my final B.Tech Degree?

I have to join in US based company from Oct 1, 2014. The company is sponsoring and asking me a copy of my degree but it will be available by first week of June, 2014.
I have 6 months of project experience certificate from Google Inc USA for which I got 1000$.
I am also Red Hat certified Engineer and have other specilized certifications.
I have also two good references of Green Card holders in US.
Kindly suggest.


I think that should be a problem, becasue the US based company needs your certificates to apply your H1B petition. In case they don’t then mostly after applying it may get rejected for insufficient document or if you are lucky then USCIS might ask for the documents later. But I don’t think any company would like to apply for H1B without proper documents. Anyhow, if the company has offered you a job then surely they must also be aware that you are currently pursuing your BTech. You can talk to them regarding this.