Can I get good colleges for MS

I am not from a top Indian University, do not have a research or publication etc. I am a simple B.Tech with 5 Years of work experience + 2 years of my own-statup business in Design.Now, I want to study MS in Design and wanted to know if I can I get good college for MS.
or more precisely, what are the key criteria for colleges during admission.


In general, the first thing that a university looks up is for your GRE & TOEFL Scores and then followed by your profile, Academic Records and other things. As you already have a decent work exp. and exposure in design, that too your own start up it will surely be an extra point for you. I would recommend you to make your SOP very strong so that you portray your interest and knowledge related to the course.

List out your target universities and check for the prerequisities in the university website for that course and articulate your SOP accordingly.

Definitely, Having a publication is an added edge, but it is not really mandatory. So don’t worry about what you don’t have. Ultimately, If your scores are good and SOP is satisfactory, you can be sure of getting an admit from a good university.

Good Luck!

To add, you should highlight your startup experience in design and your reason to do degree in design. US schools typically look for your passion and why you want to study and why that particular school. If you apply for good schools and have a logical reason and passion for the same, admission should not be an issue.