can i get f1 visa after 18 months of status termination

i have attended the texas a&m university kingsville for fall 2014 for 1st semester.i have got low grades due to health issues as i have muscular dystrophy disease and cant walk properly and i’m in an academic probation.Then i have applied for another university in newjersey and i have moved to newjersey with my friends help and there i didnt get admitted there and i did not go back to texas because of my health issues and my status was terminated on february 25 2015.first i thought to reinstatement my status but my health issue didn’t supported it so i came back to india on 12th july i am getting treatment of physiotherapy and now im doing good and im walking properly .so now can i go for visa on same university and what were the possibilities of getting the visa for summer or fall 2016.please help me out