Can I get F 1 visa approval for the second masters?

Hello Sirs,

I did my bachelor in pharmaceutical sciences from Hyderabad and joined MA International Business course in UK. My idea studying business course is to have particular idea of business in international context. Being a fan of pharmaceutical industry, I still want to stay in the same profession and also my masters helped to find the suitable direction to proceed further. With complete research, I have decided to do another masters in “regulatory affairs” that fall under pharmacy. Most of the businesses base on trading and regulations. My present masters helped me to know more about trading and I think the second masters will do with regulations. So, I am planning to do another masters in the specified program in US. Because USA has got major powers in designing new regulations and most of the products are from USA, I am planning it in USA. Can I attended for visa interview at US consulate in London? What are the chances of getting approval?



Yes, you should be able to get F1 Visa for second masters. Visa stamping is based on many factors and hard to guess the odds. You should be fine as long as you have a valid case and you present it right.

Good Luck !

Yes, You can. Make sure you have your honest goal and object in front VO.
I am on my second master as well - with Second time F1 student visa, same case.

Veer, did u get opt option after your second masters ?