Can I get a new OPT if previous OPT was cancelled by US government ?


I have read slightly similar stories but I rather ask my question as my case if slightly different and couldn’t find any help online.

Please bare with me… I was on an F-1 visa completing a MBA and was granted OPT in 2003. While waiting for my employment authorization card and as I didn’t want to be illegal on US grounds, I went home while waiting the card to be maild to a friend’s address in the US. I came back to the country, picked up my card at the friend’s place, found a job and started working. After 2 weeks, my employer told me he was unable to process my pay as my card was denied. I spent a whole day on the phone with USCIS (I think) until someone finally explained the following to me : my card was canceled because of it was misused. In fact, I should have never left the country and reentered on a tourist visa (my passport in this case as I am French) ! So I packed all my things and left the coiuntry to go back home.

QUESTION : I am now considering going back to school in the US either for a 1-year certificate program or another Master. I am aware that if one’s been granted an OPT in the past, they can get another one ONLY for a higher-level degree. Since my OPT wasn’t canceled by me, was never used and that was almost 10 years ago, am I eligible for “another” OPT if I go back as a F-1 student ?

Thanks and Regards.

I think you will be eligible for OPT this time for your Master’s degree as you have not used any at all.