Can i find H1B Visa Sponser for Android Developer?

Dear Sir,

I want to apply for the post of Android developer in USA but i can’t find sponsor who sponsor me from India. It is possible to find sponsor for next month H1B visa process. I have a 3 years of working experience. Please reply back as soon as possible. Thanks in Advance.

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Savan Patel

It may be too late to apply for H-1 now. You can try for FY-18 whose filing begins in April 2017.

Hi Savantis

Kem cho? Greetings from Danta Technologies in San Diego.Please send your resume to Or Call Nik Patel on
+1 (510) 862-4149. We still can file your H1b Visa for 2016. There are last 2 days remaining to file.
Also send your resume to

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Visa Processing Team / Danta Technologies