Can I file H1B cap exempt with approved H1b petition of 2007 cap


My H1b petetion was approved for 2007 cap but not granted Visa.Now I would like to know whether Can I file cap exempt H1b and upto which date I have this opportunity.

Or I lost it?

Please any body give me full information on this.



Yes, you are cap exempt.

Hi ramanan,
Please explain up to what date I can use this Cap exempt option.I think this is exceeded 6 years.I would like to plan filing based on this information.

Whats the approval date of the petition. If the approval date of the petition is prior to April 2007 you cannot file any cap exempt petiiton since its more than 6 yrs . If its after that you might still have some time.

Count 6 yrs from date of approval of petition .