Can I file GC on L2 + EAD?

I am on L2 (completed 3 yrs in 2014 and current petition is valid till 2016 Sept with another 2 yrs left).
I want to know if my employer can file GC for me now. Also since my husband has 3 yrs left on his L1A, what are the possibilities to stay after 3 yrs.

What if I140 gets approved within 3 yrs?
What if my I140 is not approved within next 3 yrs?

Your employer can surely file for your GC. Once the labor is approved and I140 is pending OR labor itself is pending for more than 365 days you can get 1 year of extension. Once I140 is approved you can get 3 years extension at a time, your husband will also be able to stay based on this approval. But the best bet is to have your husband’s employer file for his GC in EB1 since he is on L1A.

Thanks for the quick answer Ankit.
You said once I140 is approved, I can get 3 yrs extension and my husband can stay on this approval. What will be his status? Will he be able to work?