Can I file for OPT extension after my H1B (cap exempt) was filed?


Current i am on OPT which is going to expire in a month. I have already filed for my H1B (cap extempt) though my current employer. I wanted to see if I can file for OPT extension (I am STEM garduate and if I get a job offer from a e-verified company). Just wanted to see what would happen to the H1B petition thats already on file.

Yes, OPT extension can be filed while H-1 is pending. Once H-1 is approved, your OPT extension will be denied (if still pending) or stop (if already approved).

Keep your DSO in loop about your OPT and H-1 status.

Hi @Saurabh,

I am in a similar situation, could you please have a look at the question I posted: