Can I exchange my Indian Driving Licence to get an American one?

Hello All,

I am on F1 Visa. Came to USA on August, 2011. Now I am going to start my OPT and recently got a job offer. As travel is a necessity in the job, they are asking me about the driving licence. I have an Indian Driving Licence, without an International Driving Licence Permit. But as it is already one year of my arrival here in USA, I am afraid I can not use my Indian Licence anymore. (Please let me know your thoughts on this)

Because I changed my state of residence (I shifted to a different state from the state where my school is located) after my coursework is done, I am not able to get learners permit in my current state of residence. (I am still trying for that). So I wanted to know if I can exchange my Indian Driving Licence to USA one in any dmv office. If so, what are the states that allow that? I know that NY allows the same. Kindly help.

Anyhow I need to get an USA licence.

it depends on the state dmv. I can only tell you about NY, NJ and GA all three states allow what you are saying. But in any case getting a new liscence should not be a problem just give the 20 question test and get the learner permit why are you not able to get learners permit in your current state of residence ?

My School is in NY, so my Visa also mentions my school name. But after my coursework is over, I shifted to Arkansas. When I approached DMV here in Arkansas, they told me that I cannot apply for permit as my immigration status is in NY (i tried with two office), I have been able to successfully get the learner permit in CA before, this is not at all an issue with CA dmv. However I could not complete my road test for shortage of time.